2.-Silver Sphere Ring with Diamonds Size 5 To 10 1/2


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Silver Street Sphere Ring in sterling silver; set with 24 points white diamonds, comes with eight stones and your choice of one special stone.

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7, 7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, 9

Regular Sphere 01

SP001, SP008, SP016, SP024, SP036, SP044, SP048, SP060, SP061, SP066, SP088, SP013, SP146, SP017, SP028, SP042, SP045, SP049, SP018, SP082, SP085, SP089, SP099, SP094, SP043, SP046, SP053, SP147, F002, F009, F018, F027, F005, F012, F024, F028, F001, F006, F015, F025

Special Sphere 01

SP102, SP103, SP067, SP033, SP005, SP055, SP065, SP071, SP003, SP012, SP101, SP104, SP111, SP106, SP148, SP105


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